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Hometown Heroes Banner Program


The Fairborn Military Veterans Memorial Project and the City of Fairborn are proud to honor past and present military personnel from Fairborn, Fairfield, Osborn, Bath Township and Wright-Patterson AFB through the creation of the Hometown Heroes Banner Program. This program is a living tribute created for the community to recognize and honor Fairborn, Fairfield, Osborn, Bath Township and Wright-Patterson AFB residents and their family members who are currently serving, are veterans who have been honorably discharged, or have given their life in the service to our country within the United States Armed Forces. “The Fairborn Military Veterans Memorial Project Committee are proud co-sponsors with the City of Fairborn providing this opportunity to showcase and recognize our local Hometown Heroes,” said Dan Kirkpatrick, Fairborn Military Veterans Memorial Project Committee Co-Chairperson. 

Each banner will be in honor of a specific service person and will include their name, branch of service, and photo (if provided). Banners will be displayed on streetlamps within the City of Fairborn from Memorial Day thru Veterans Day, to both celebrate and remind the community of the dedication to our country displayed by these individuals. 

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The City is currently taking applications for the Hometown Heroes Banner Program. Read the program description (PDF) for details. The program provides a decorative street banner mounted along Central Avenue and Kauffman Avenue to honor those who are currently or have previously served.  


The individual to be honored and recognized must reside or have resided in Fairborn during their military service and call Fairborn their hometown OR be an immediate family member of a Fairborn resident (spouse, parent, child, sibling, grandparent, grandchild, child-in-law)

The Individual must serve or have served in any of the five branches of military service (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard) including Reserves and National Guard and must also meet one of the following conditions:

  • Currently, be active duty (Active Duty)
  • Be an honorably discharged veteran (Veteran)
  • Died in the line of duty (Memorial)


The program calls for applications and installation during the Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day periods. You can Download the application (PDF), complete it, and email to the Fairborn Veterans Memorial Committee or send or drop it off at the City Building Attn: Hometown Heroes Banner Program.

For more information on the banner program or the Veterans Memorial project you can visit the website here:

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