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Public Participation

Participation at Council meetings occurs in two ways: through public hearing and citizen comments. The presiding officer (mayor) of the City Council will recognize individuals requesting to speak at City Council meetings. Topics not scheduled for public hearing may be discussed under Citizens' Comments. Individuals wishing to speak are asked to abide by the following procedure:

  • Approach the podium and state your name and address for the official record.
  • Address remarks to the Mayor or council.
  • Each citizen wishing to speak shall be granted one chance to speak for not more than five minutes at regularly scheduled meetings.
  • No extension of time shall be granted nor may a citizen transfer his or her time.
  • Citizens and Council members will maintain the proper decorum, civility and respect for others in their actions and comments.
  • Citizen Comment is an opportunity for citizens to make comments.

For more detailed information on public participation or citizen comments, please call the Clerk of Council at 937-754-3066, ext. 2204.

Rules & Etiquette
Citizen Comment is subject to Council rules, which shall regulate the frequency, time, place upon the agenda, and rules of conduct of such persons to assure an orderly and efficient consideration of its business.

Public statements will be accepted during public hearings and the Citizens' Comments portion of the meeting at the times noted above. Please be respectful and courteous. If necessary, agree to disagree. Please avoid personal attacks and offensive language

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