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The Purpose of Building Codes & Inspectionsinspections
Communities enforce building codes to provide minimum requirements to safeguard their citizens' health, safety, and general welfare. Codes may also control the design, quality of materials, construction, installation, repair, and occupancy of commercial structures, residential dwellings, and accessory structures, like detached garages and sheds.

The City of Fairborn's Building Inspection uses the most current State of Ohio Codes. The Residential Building Code of Ohio (RCO) was established By the Ohio Building Officials Of Ohio (OBOA) and the Ohio Board of Building Standards (BBS) from the International Residential Building Code. The State of Ohio Codes is enforced locally by the Chief Building Official. 

Ohio Building Codes
Effective March 1, 2024 and as required by the State of Ohio, the City of Fairborn will enforce the 2024 Ohio Building Code for all Non-Residential (Commercial) permit applications.  

The City of Fairborn will enforce the 2019 Residential Code of Ohio, which includes the updates that became effective April 15, 2024 and as required by the State of Ohio.

Current Building Code:  View current Ohio building codes provided by the International Code Council.
Current Building and Occupancy Flow Charts: View the current flow chart for building occupancy.