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Development Services

Development Services in Fairborn

The Development Services Department is responsible for coordinating residential, commercial, and industrial development activities in the City of Fairborn. To provide a virtual "one-stop shop" for development, this department consists of four divisions:

  • Building Code & Inspection Division The Building Code and Inspection Division enforces building codes to provide minimum requirements to safeguard the health, safety and general welfare of its citizens.
  • Neighborhood Betterment Division Neighborhood Betterment provides annual funding for housing rehabilitation, emergency home repair and property maintenance/code enforcement in income-eligible areas, infrastructure improvements in qualifying neighborhoods, as well as fair housing and landlord/tenant services.
  • Planning Division The Planning Division provides an integrated analysis of development, so decisions are made with an understanding of how the project will impact the community as a whole.
  • Property Maintenance Division The Property Maintenance Division conducts a comprehensive code enforcement effort that encourages voluntary compliance and effects prompt correction of noted violations that is consistent and fair.

Additionally, the department, in close cooperation with the Fairborn Development Corporation, coordinates the City's economic development activities.

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Jeffrey Tyler
Development Services Director and Chief Building Official

Missy Frost
Development Services Assistant Director 

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