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Short-Term Rent/Mortgage Utility Assistance Program

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Short-Term Rent/Mortgage Utility Assistance Program

This first-come-first-serve program is for all residents of the city who have experienced financial hardship due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.  It’s our hope to assist you with delinquent rent, mortgage, and/or utility payments from April 1, 2020, forward.   Please review the following information to see if you qualify and how to apply --> Program Guide
Please feel free to contact Missy Frost at 937-754-3060 or email  to receive an application and further information. 

The City reserves the right to alter, cancel or discontinue this program at any time.  In the event that an applicant is denied funding, that determination is final and there is no appeals process.  It’s important to note that the financial information required by the program may be subject to public inspection or disclosure as required by federal, state or local law, including the Ohio Public Records Act. Financial institutions, landlords of duplexes and/or apartments, motels, hotels, multi-family units, banks, publicly traded companies, nonprofits, elected and appointed officials and city employees are not eligible for this program. All applicants submitting applications agree to the terms herein. ** 

Who is eligible for assistance?

Who does not qualify for assistance?

Is there an income requirement?

What income will be counted?

Can every member of the household apply for the grant?

Can I receive rent or mortgage assistance along with utility assistance?

Does the applicant(s) who receive the grant have to pay the money back?

If I am in a rent-to-own agreement, am I still eligible to receive grant funds?

What if I am behind on my obligations prior to April 1, 2020?

What documents are required?

How much grant money will be awarded to each household?

How do I apply for this program?

Are you having a lottery to determine who receives the grants?

What is the process for receiving my grant money?

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