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The City of Fairborn enforces a property maintenance code to maintain the character of our community. The code outlines general provisions for property maintenance and applies to residential, commercial, and business properties.
Examples of property maintenance include:

  • General maintenance condition of the structure on the property, such as exterior siding, broken windows, gutters and downspouts in disrepair, peeling paint, roofs, walls or foundations in disrepair, deteriorated entrance or storm doors, deteriorated sidewalks, sheds, garages and fences in disrepair, or unsanitary conditions on or about the property
  • Material storage on the property and temporary storage containers
  • Parking vehicles in the yard area
  • Trash, car parts, furniture, appliances, and other debris on the property

The City's Code Enforcement and Property Maintenance Officers enforce the property maintenance and zoning code regulations adopted by the City of Fairborn. Those ordinances can be found in Part Thirteen, Title Five of the Fairborn Codified Ordinances.

  • Abandoned Property The Property Maintenance Division is asking for your help in identifying abandoned properties. These types of properties are often vacated suddenly, unmaintained or unsecured.
  • Reporting Code Violations If you are aware of a possible property code violation, there are several ways to alert a Code Enforcement Officer.

Property Maintenance Definitions: 
Accessory Buildings/Structures
All accessory structures such as detached garages, fences, walls, animal shelters, gazebos, non-commercial greenhouses, carports, decks, etc., shall be maintained structurally sound and in good repair. Accessory buildings/structures may not be located in the front yard. In addition, there are site restrictions on accessory buildings and structures, such as side yard setbacks. For more information refer to the Fairborn Codified Ordinances, Section 1128.04

Animals and Pets
No livestock and poultry or similar farm animals shall be raised, bred, or kept on any non-agricultural lot. No residentially zoned premises shall contain more than four dogs. The keeping of wild or exotic animals is prohibited. 

Building Numbers
Buildings shall have approved address numbers placed in a position to be plainly legible and visible from the street or road fronting the property. These numbers shall contrast with their background. Numbers shall be a minimum of 4 inches in height. 

Exterior Property Areas
All exterior property and premises must be maintained in clean, safe, and sanitary conditions. This includes trash, car parts, furniture, appliances, and other debris on the property. In addition, unsanitary conditions such as animal feces and stagnant water are regulated by the city's property maintenance code and Greene County Health regulations.

Fence installation requires a zoning permit. Privacy fences (6') are only permitted in the side and rear yards. Fences located in the front or side yard may be a maximum of forty-two inches (42") tall and must be at least sixty percent (60%) open, such as a picket or split rail type fence. Fences are generally not permitted in drainage swales. Check your plat covenants and restrictions for other requirements or restrictions. The City does not verify the location of property lines. 

Weeds are defined as any brush, briars, thistles, burdock, dock, cocklebur, wild mustard, Jimson weed, dog's fennel, lamb's quarters, plantain, wild carrot, wild parsnip, horseweed, white or yellow sweet clover, velvetleaf, common mallow, ironweed, poison ivy, poison oak, and teasel. In addition, grass reaching a height of 10 inches or more shall be deemed a weed. The weed season runs from April 1 through November 15. Property owners are required to cut down and remove all weeds. 

Motor Vehicles
No person shall store or keep any unlicensed or junk vehicle, on any residentially zoned property unless it is stored or kept within a completely enclosed structure. Junk vehicles are defined as any vehicle which is missing one or more wheels, one or more tires are missing, two or more tires are flat, two or more windows are missing or broken, the windshield is broken or missing, or parts necessary for the legal operation of the vehicle are missing. Any vehicle which does not display valid registration is considered an unlicensed vehicle. 

Residential on-street parking is regulated by Section 341.06 of the Traffic code. Between the hours of one hour after sunset and one hour before sunrise, no busses, trailers, vans, trucks exceeding one-half ton capacity, or semi-tractor trailers may be parked on residential streets. Recreational vehicle parking on residential property is governed by Section 1128.08. Recreational vehicles and/or equipment must be parked to the rear of the front building (in the side or rear yard) or in the driveway. Any motorized recreational vehicle must be parked on a hard surface (asphalt or concrete). No motor vehicles may be parked or stored within any yard (grass) area. 

Portable Basketball Hoops
Portable basketball hoops are permitted in the driveway or backyard. However, portable basketball hoops are not permitted in the street or right-of-way, the area between the curb and the sidewalk (Ordinance 317.01). Basketball hoops in the right-of-way can create an obstruction in the roadway and pose a possible hazard to the children playing in the street. 

Garage/yard sale, real estate, and political signs are permitted on residential properties. The sign must be placed out of the right-of-way and located behind the sidewalk in accordance with Ordinance 1131.06. Garage/yard sale signs are only permitted at the location of the sale. 
**No permits are required for Garage/yard sales at the moment. Please check back annually as this can change at any moment.**

Swimming Pools
All swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas that may exceed 24" of water (in-depth) must be completely surrounded by a minimum 4ft high fence. See applications, permits, and fees. 

Trash Containers
Waste containers shall be suitable in size and number to hold one week's accumulation of material. Containers may be stored anywhere on the property other than the front yard. Containers may be placed at the curb or alley for pick-up no earlier than one day prior to the scheduled pick-up. Containers must be removed from the pick-up area no later than one day after scheduled pick-up. 

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Jon Moeggenberg
Development Services Manager
Phone: 937-754-3010

Eric Bull
Zoning and Code Enforcement Specialist
Phone: 937-754-3010

Mark Manley
Code Enforcement Officer
Phone: 937-754-3010

Property Maintenance Division
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