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Financial Transparency Portal

The City of Fairborn strives for openness, accountability, and honesty. Government transparency is paramount. Through the financial transparency portal, users can view financial data from the current year or past years, download the information, or view it on screen. We believe it is your right as a community citizen to access the data and understand where your tax dollars will better our community. Whether you are looking for detailed information on city spending and staff salaries or want to request public records, our website and financial transparency portal provide this information. 

5-Year Capital Improvements Plans
The 5-Year Capital Improvements Plan reflects the current projection of affordable capital needs for the city within the next five years. This plan is reviewed and updated annually.

Annual Budgets
Fairborn's Budget provides information on the City's operating, capital, and trust funds. City council reviews the budget details annually and adopts the spending plan before the new year.

Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports (ACFR)
The ACFR is a thorough and detailed presentation of the City's financial condition. It reports on the city's activities and balances for each fiscal year.