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Purchasing Program Objectives

Program objectives are essential to implement and administer a meaningful and viable purchasing program. The program objectives spell out what is expected of the program and of the individuals who administer and participate in it. Program objectives also serve as a set of guidelines to be used by management, operating personnel and the purchasing agency in reaching responsible and intelligent decisions relative to the day-to-day administration of the program. Over the long run, program objectives provide management with a set of general standards against which to gauge the effectiveness and success of the program. The primary objectives of the City's purchasing program are to:

  • Assist management at all levels in reaching responsible, cost-effective decisions in the procurement of quality supplies and services for City use.
  • Assure realization of the principles of competitive purchasing and best buy at the least cost.
  • Establish an ongoing centralized purchasing function capable of providing daily service and support on an organization-wide basis.
  • Formulate policies and procedures designed to systematize and enhance the efficiency of the City's procurement process and assure procurement in a timely and proper manner.
  • Introduce a greater measure of responsibility and accountability over the implementation of the annual budget, specifically as related to the procurement of commodities, contractual services and capital outlay items.
  • Promote goodwill and clear communication in City-Vendor relations and intra-organization relations relative to purchasing.
  • Promote the realization of equal opportunity policies through procurement relations with vendors.

Purchasing Documents