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Assessment Query
Are you considering purchasing a property and want to find out if there are any assessments? Simply click on the assessment query form and a representative from the Finance Division can get back with you.
Assessment Inquiry Form (PDF)

Garage Sales
There is no fee necessary for having a garage sale in Fairborn, but you do need to fill out a permit - you can do that here. However, it needs to be noted that just because the fee and permit have been waived, this does not repeal the ordinance. According to the ordinance, the following items must be followed: 

  1. No garage or yard sale shall be conducted by the same resident or member of his or her family and/or on the same residential property more than two times within a calendar year.
  2. No garage or yard sale shall last more than four consecutive days.
  3. No resident shall post more than one sign per street front on the lot on which the garage or yard sale is located. Such sign shall not exceed four- and one-half feet in area and shall be displayed only on the lot the day or days of such sale. Such signs shall not be illuminated or animated.
  4. No garage or yard sale shall be commenced earlier than 9:00 a.m. nor shall such sale last later than 8:00 p.m.

These regulations are identified in the city’s codified ordinances in Chapter 715 and specifically in Section 715.03 Prohibitions.

Unclaimed Funds
The Finance Department has an alphabetical listing for unclaimed funds. Please contact the Finance Division at 937-754-3005 for further instructions on claiming your funds if your name is on one of the the lists below.
Unclaimed Funds
Unclaimed Funds (Utility Billing)

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