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Resident Services

Assessment Query
Are you considering purchasing a property and want to find out if there are any assessments? Click on the assessment query form, and a representative from the Finance Department can get back to you.
Assessment Inquiry Form (PDF)

Garage Sales
There is no fee for a garage sale in Fairborn, but you do need to fill out a permit - you can do that here. Please see Development Services for more information. 

These regulations are identified in the city’s codified ordinances in Chapter 715 and specifically in Section 715.03 Prohibitions.

Unclaimed Funds
The Finance Department has an alphabetical listing for unclaimed funds. Please contact the Finance Department at 937-754-3005 for further instructions on claiming your funds if your name is on one of the lists below.
Unclaimed Funds
Unclaimed Funds (Utility Billing)
Request to Reissue Unclaimed Funds Form