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Electric Aggregation

Fairborn's aggregation negotiates electricity rate through 2025.

Recently City Council voted in favor of government aggregation, a program authorizing local officials to purchase electricity from an electric generation supplier certified by the Public UtilitiesMVCC - Community Letter[62]_Page_1 Commission of Ohio. To increase the buying power further, we joined 13 other area communities as part of the Miami Valley Communications Council (MVCC), which selected Energy Harbor as our electric service provider. 

Fairborn's Negotiated Electricity Price is 6.57 cents per kWh through 2025.

The Miami Valley Communications Council (MVCC) is managing an energy aggregation program that includes Fairborn and a number of other local communities. The MVCC, through Palmer Energy Group, has negotiated a price of 6.57 cents per kWh for all members of the aggregation collective. This price is effective through December 2025.

Now that a price has been negotiated, what should residents do?

All potential members of the aggregation collective will receive a letter after June 30, 2023. The letter can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE. The letter includes instructions on how to opt out of the aggregation if you wish. You can compare the negotiated rate at energychoice.ohio.gov

Are there any websites with information to review? 

Yes. At the bottom of this page are additional websites with information on Energy Harbor and the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.

Who will send me my utility bill?

Your utility bill will continue to come from the same company. Aggregation may change your energy supplier, but your energy distributor will remain the same. The energy distributors for Fairborn are AES Ohio for electricity and CenterPoint Ohio for natural gas.

Am I locked into the aggregation rates?

No. Residents have the opportunity to review the rates and decide if it is advantageous to stay in the group or opt out. Compare the 6.57 cents per kWh rate with other providers by visiting energychoice.ohio.gov. The website makes it easy to compare providers and rates.

How do I enroll?

Enrollment is automatic for residents. The City of Fairborn staff, via City Council, has the ability to negotiate opt-out electricity and natural gas aggregation rates on behalf of its residents. 

What if I already have an agreement with a supplier when community aggregation goes into effect?

Your energy agreement will remain in effect until it expires. Unless you opt-out, you would be automatically enrolled in the community aggregation program whenever the agreement ends.  You may be able to cancel an existing agreement. However, that may require a cancellation fee. 

Questions or Concerns?
For general information on aggregation in Ohio, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio has the following resource page:  

Energy Harbor also has a few helpful pages on aggregation and general FAQ:
The main point of contact for eligible residents and small commercial customers: 
  • Contact Energy Harbor, via:
    • Call Center: 1-866-636-3749 (M-F, 8AM-5PM)
    • Email: firstchoice@energyharbor.com
    • Online 'Contact Us' Form: Contact Energy Harbor 
For eligible customers who require additional assistance, please call 1-877-410-5214, select extension 300, and someone will assist you with your questions.