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Establish Utility Service

Every Fairborn residence must have water, sewer, and sanitation (trash removal and street sweeping) services. Residents must contract with the City for these services within one week of taking possession of a property (closing date, if buying the property, or move-in date if rental or land contract), unless the property owner provides these services.

Get Signed Up
All non-owner persons opening an account must show a picture ID issued by a government agency such as a Driver’s License or militia ID and one of the following:

  • Copy of Land Contract
  • Copy of Lease

If the person opening an account does not own the property, or if it is being purchased on land contract, a refundable deposit of $125 (effective 1-1-19) is required within seven days of opening an account.

The utility account must be in the name of the person legally responsible for the property. You cannot sign up for service if you or anyone listed on the lease, contract, deed, or settlement statement has an unpaid bill from a prior address. Outstanding bills must be paid before water service will be connected at another address.

Once an account is opened, any changes to the account holder's information may require documentation.

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