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Extension Policy

To apply for one of the following extensions, the account holder (customer) must come to the Utility Billing Office and sign an Extension Agreement. An extension can only be granted once during a 12-month period.

Avoid Service Disconnection for Non-Payment
To avoid disconnection, customers may request a two-week extension to pay the bill. The extended payment will be due two weeks after the due date of the Disconnect Notice.

High Bill from Leaks
Customers who have a high water bill (double their normal bill or higher), due to a leak that does not qualify for a leak adjustment, may request an extension to pay the high bill over a three-month period. During the duration of the extension, all payments including new monthly bills must be paid by the appropriate due dates.

Customers Ineligible for Extension
An extension is not available for customers:

  • Who have had an extension during the prior 6 months at any address
  • Who have never made a payment on the account
  • Who failed to keep a prior extension agreement at any address
  • If the property is listed for Sheriff's Sale
  • If the property owner/landlord has requested that no extensions be allowed on the account.

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