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Utility Billing

Billing Cycles
The City is divided into three billing districts. The billing district determines when the meter is read and the billing due date. This is an integral part of the remote reading process, so an address cannot be changed to another billing district.

The Utility Billing Office mails monthly utility bills for each billing cycle, approximately 30 days. While the billing dates may fluctuate slightly from month-to-month, it is important to know when to expect your bill so you can call the Utility Office if you do not receive one. For billing periods of less than one month (usually the first bill and the final bill), the Administrative and Sanitation charges may be pro-rated.

Viewing Your Bill Online
Additionally, you may now View and Pay Your Utility Bill directly from this website. Select "Create and Account" to view current and past bills, or select "Pay Your Bill" to make a one time payment. If timely processing is necessary to avoid additional fees or termination of water service, please pay in person at the Utility Billing Department.

If you believe an error has been made on your bill or if you dispute your obligation to pay the bill, please contact the Utility Billing Office before the bill due date.

Disputing a Utility Bill
If you dispute the charges on your utility bill, first contact the Utility Billing Office or Revenue Manager to discuss your concerns. If the billing staff cannot resolve your concerns, you may contact the Finance Director at 937-754-3005. Unresolved concerns can also be addressed with the City Manager at 937-754-3030.

Finally, utility bill disputes may be appealed to the Board of Utility Adjudication. There is a $10 appointment fee payable when the written appeal is submitted. The fee is returned to the appellant at the meeting. If you fail to appear at the hearing, the appointment fee is forfeited.

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