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Victim Assistance

The Victim Assistance Program is a support and advocacy program for victims of crime. 

Our Mission
To provide direct services to crime victims, reduce the risk of re-victimization, and to provide the opportunity for victims to assert their rights to participate in the criminal justice process.

The Victim Assistance Program assists victims of crimes, which include but are not limited to: domestic violence, assault, stalking, aggravated menacing, child endangering, violation of a protection order, vehicular homicide, intimidation of a crime victim or witness, and misdemeanor sex offenses. 

The Victim Assistance program provides the following services: 
  • Court advocacy and escort during all stages of the criminal justice process
  • Assistance in requesting protection orders, preparing and presenting victim impact statements, and notification of crime victim rights
  • Victim representation in court proceedings upon request of the victim
  • 24-hour crisis response
  • Notification and explanation of court dates and times
  • Information about the criminal justice process
  • Assistance in applying for financial compensation under the Ohio Crime Victim Compensation Program
  • Appropriate referrals to social service agencies. 

Crime Victim Rights Ohio Revised Code
Ohio Law also gives you specific statutory rights before, during, and after the trial. Your statutory rights under the Ohio Revised Code include, but are not limited to: 
  • The right to receive information about your rights as a crime victim
  • The right to appoint a representative
  • The right to receive current information about the criminal investigation 
  • The right to be notified when the offender is arrested or released from jail
  • The right to reasonable return of property
  • The right to information from, and meaningful discussion with, the prosecutor
  • The right to be free from intimidation 
  • The right to meaningful participation during the trial
  • The right to make a statement at the sentencing about the impact of the crime
  • The right to participate in criminal proceedings without jeopardizing employment status
  • The right to receive notice if the violent offender escapes custody before trial or sentencing
  • The right to receive information after sentencing
  • The right to information and input about the defendant's incarceration and parole status

The Fairborn/Beavercreek Victim Assistance Program is a member of the following organizations:

Contact us: 
Kim Seubert
Victim Witness Director/Advocate
Phone: 937-754-3047

Victim Witness
1148 Kauffman Avenue
Fairborn, OH 45324

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