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Tennis League COVID-19 Regulations:
New COVID-19 regulations state each player must use their own tennis ball when serving the match. Each player's tennis balls must be marked differently (“x”, different number ball, different color, etc.). There will be no hand-shaking, high-fives, etc. to begin or celebrate the match. All players must practice social distancing before, during, and after matches. All make-up matches MUST be played at any Fairborn tennis court.

By registering for the tennis leagues, participants are agreeing to both the Fairborn City waiver and the COVID-19 regulations set forth below by the USTA and CDC:

Tennis Leagues
Novice & Single Leagues: Mondays June 7-August 2
Doubles League: Wednesdays June 9-August 4
$10/resident; $12/non-resident per league
If you enjoy tennis, Fairborn's Tennis Leagues provides matches for the tennis enthusiast. League space is limited, so register early. Games will be played at various tennis courts. Novice (14+years old). Singles: Intermediate & Advanced leagues and Doubles (High school and older). No games the week of July 4th. Winners receive a plaque. To register for the Tennis Leagues visit here:®ister=True&pageNumber=1&cartItems=[]

Please also see the registration link to download the form. 
Tennis League Registration

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