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Water & Sewer

The City of Fairborn Water and Sewer Division's mission is to provide:

  • Clean and safe drinking water at adequate pressures
  • An uninterrupted collection and transportation of waste and stormwater
  • Treating wastewater to make it safe for discharge to the Mad River
  • Provide water and wastewater facilities control and monitoring through a high-tech computer and instrumentation system, which includes a 24-hour emergency response to system problems.
  • Provisions for the City's future utility needs through effective planning
  • Delivery of these services in a cost-effective, courteous, and professional manner

Specific Functions of the Division

  • Pumping & Distribution
  • Operate and maintain City's underground water distribution pipes, valves, and fire hydrants
  • Operate and maintain the City's water storage tanks.
  • Operate and maintain curb boxes, water main valve boxes, and City's potable water pump stations
  • Provide 24-hour response to system emergencies
  • Provide customer service concerning no water, low water pressure, water quality, water meters, and other miscellaneous water problems
  • Repair water leaks on public infrastructure
  • Shut water off to residents for repair, emergencies, and delinquent accounts

Sanitary Sewer Collection

  • Identify and eliminate storm and groundwater from the sewer collection system
  • Operate and maintain City's underground sanitary sewer system including pipes and manholes.
  • Provide 24-hour response to system emergencies
  • Routinely clean and TV inspect the internal condition of the City's sanitary sewer pipe

Storm Water Collection

  • Maintain storm sewer pipe, storm inlets and publicly owned open drainage ditches
  • Respond to flooded areas during and after rainstorms and provide 24-hour response to system emergencies

Water Treatment

  • Operate and maintain the City's sanitary sewer pump stations
  • Operate and maintain the City’s Water Reclamation Center in accordance with Ohio EPA’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit

Water & Sewer Administration

  • Manage programs related to the Department including: Wellfield Protection, Backflow/Cross Connection, Water Meter Replacement, and Capital Improvement
  • Process citizen complaints and requests in an efficient and timely manner
  • Provide short and long-term planning for the various utilities within the division

Contact us: 

Marcus Lehotay
Utilities Superintendent
Phone: 937-754-3097
Email the Water and Sewer Division

Water & Sewer Address
700 Pierce Drive
Fairborn, OH 45324


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