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Snow & Ice Removal

Snow Removal Fleet & Policies
SnowremovalThe City has over 295 lane miles of roadway and thoroughfares to pretreat, salt and plow with a fleet of seven trucks. One full-time brining truck can hold 1,025 gallons of brine, a clear water and sodium chloride solution used for roadway pretreatment, as well as a plow. An additional two trucks are equipped with a 200-gallon brine tank to assist with pretreatment. The City also owns a 1,300-gallon trailer mounted brine tank and a 500-gallon small truck for pre-treating plats.

A worker preparing a salt truck.
The City of Fairborn has a removal policy to make roads safe for the traveling public. The first roads to be cleared during a snow event are priority one streets. These are main thoroughfares and main streets leading into plats, as well as hilly areas and bridges, which tend to get slippery faster.
Priority two streets are next to be plowed. These consist of streets in the plats, alleys and cul-de-sacs.

How You Can Help
Citizens can be helpful when they see salt trucks dispatched. Drivers need to slow down, stay back at least 100 feet, and give the salt truck drive plenty of room. There are many blind spots that can occur if a vehicle is traveling too closely where the salt truck driver may not see it. In addition, snowplow operators back up a lot at intersections and cannot see directly behind them.

Citizens can also help by removing vehicles from the road, if possible, during any snowfall. Removing parked cars from the City streets before a snowstorm will help minimize accidents and improve the efficiency of the streets being plowed. In some areas, the large snowplows cannot operate safely due to narrow roads, parked cars, or limited space in which to work, such as a cul-de-sac. In these cases, a smaller truck or even a front-end loader must be brought in, which may cause a delay in snow removal. Removing vehicles from streets also helps to minimize cars being "plowed in" and Street crews making return trips. When clearing snow from driveways, always pile the snow back into the yard rather than into the street. This helps to minimize the amount of snow put back into driveways when the plow truck comes down the street.

If a fire hydrant is near your property, please keep it clear of snow. The Street Division works to keep our roadways safe for all and asks that citizens help by following the suggested practices. Any questions or concerns regarding our Street Division can be addressed by calling 937-754-3098.

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