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Water Reclamation Center

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The City of Fairborn Water Reclamation Center has a mission to create and maintain a balance between the needs of our society and the maintenance of our environment by complying with the City's current National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit and other applicable legal directives. Carrying out this mission includes the following:

  • Converting the separated water-borne material into usable products to the maximum extent possible and ensuring they are productively used.
  • Ensuring any resulting waste material is disposed of in accordance with currently approved directives.
  • Establishing and practicing safety procedures to eliminate or minimize hazards.
  • Establishing and practicing sound maintenance procedures to maximize the productive life of equipment.
  • Preventing the entrance of undesirable substances into our collection and processing systems.
  • Reclaiming environmentally unsuitable water received from domestic and commercial activities by separating water-borne material and discharging the cleansed water to the Mad River.
  • Reducing the environmentally adverse impact of our activity by optimizing resource consumption and associated costs.
Water Reclamation Center
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