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Charter Amendment Ballot Issues

Charter Amendments on May Ballot
Please see the Issues regarding Charter Amendments. The election date is May 7, 2019.

Issue 5 on the Ballot

1. Revise section 2.02 by changing the term for mayor from two to four years.
2. Revise section 2.03 by modifying consecutive terms for council and mayor to be a maximum of two consecutive four-year terms in each office before a two-year break is required.
Rationale: This will allow Fairborn to have more impact on a regional playing field and be more consistent with other communities in the area.

 Issue 6 on the Ballot

1. Revise section 2.12 by modifying the reasons for recessing into executive session by adding the words “any other reason consistent with the Ohio Revised Code.”
Rationale: Provide consistency to the Ohio Revised Code

2. Revise section 2.15 by removing the language that requires emergency ordinances to be automatically repealed after 180 days.
Rationale: Consistent with other communities and to create efficiencies with the local government.

 Issue 7 on the Ballot

1. Revise section 7.02 by reducing the number of signatures required for a candidate to collect from 100 to 50. 
Rationale: This is in line with surrounding political subdivision requirements including some state offices. This is also easier for citizens to become candidates. 

2. Revise section 7.02 by modifying the window of time that a candidate can file a nomination petition with the board of elections from not less than 60 days before a regular election to not less than 90 days before a regular election.
Rationale: Provides consistency with other jurisdictions and to allow citizens more time to get to know the candidates.

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