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Traffic Signal Removal

After thorough analysis and careful consideration, it has been determined that the traffic signal at the Main Street / Wright Avenue intersection is no longer warranted and needs to be removed. This traffic signal was constructed in 1972 and is currently in a state of disrepair. Typically, a traffic signal that has been in operation for 40 years or more is programmed to be replaced in the Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan. However, this signal is no longer warranted thus removal is more appropriate than replacement.
When this traffic signal was constructed, there were active WPAFB gates in the area and the traffic volumes on Main Street and Wright Avenue were considerably higher than they are today. Engineering recently performed traffic signal warrant analysis at this location and none of the warrants were close to being met. Signal warrants consider peak hour traffic volumes and crash history to determine if a traffic signal is the appropriate form of traffic control. Based on the traffic volumes, the proposed traffic control is stop signs on Wright Avenue. The warrant analysis results were discussed at a recent Traffic Safety Meeting and the Committee unanimously agreed with the recommendation to remove the traffic signal.
Removal of this unwarranted traffic signal will reduce unnecessary fuel emissions (motorists stopped at a red light with no cross traffic), save annual maintenance costs, save annual energy costs, and save the cost of replacement which is typically in the $120,000 to $140,000 range. The traffic signal was de-energized and the signal heads were removed in early November with stop signs installed on Wright Avenue. The remaining traffic signal infrastructure (poles, signal cabinet, pedestrian signals) will be removed in the spring of 2020. For any questions or comments, please contact Doug Boney of the City of Fairborn Engineering Division at 754-3055.

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