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Boards & Committees

We are blessed with dedicated, professional citizens willing to share their time and talents to enhance our community better. The City boards and committees allow citizens to become involved in the governance of their city in an area that appeals to their interests. Citizens are appointed to the boards and committees by Council in December for the following year or as vacancies allow. If you are interested in serving on a board or committee, please complete the attached application and return it to the City Manager's Office in person or via email

Other volunteer opportunities also exist within the City. These are not Council appointed but are essential in assisting with tasks in various City Departments or community efforts. Contact the City Manager's Office at 937-754-3030 or by email for more details.  For a list of current vacancies within our Board and Committees, please see the following document: current vacancies. 

  • Adjudication Board The Adjudication Board hears and determines utility billing and assessment appeals.
  • Audit Committee The Audit Committee oversees the independent audit of the City’s financial statements. The Committee is advisory in nature.
  • Board of Zoning Appeals The Board of Zoning Appeals hears and decides appeals from administrative decisions on the enforcement or interpretation of City zoning codes.
  • Community Reinvestment Area Housing Council The Council helps to identify legitimate incentive measures to assist in encouraging housing maintenance and economic and community development in areas that have not enjoyed reinvestment by remodeling or new construction.
  • Mayor's Beautification Committee, The Mayor's Beautification Committee, strives to promote community awareness of environmental and civic improvement efforts and advises in actions or matters affecting the appearance of business and residential properties within the City.
  • Neighborhood Betterment Council The Neighborhood Betterment Council (NBC) helps to identify and coordinate efforts to address the needs of the City’s low-and-moderate income population.
  • Parks & Recreation Advisory Board
  • Personnel Advisory Board, The Personnel Advisory Board, acts as an advisory source in upholding principles of merit and fitness for personnel actions, reviews proposals affecting positions within classified services, and hears employee grievances.
  • Planning Board The Planning Board helps determine the impact of the proposed development by making recommendations to the Fairborn City Council on matters affecting physical growth and development, amendments to the Comprehensive Land Use Plan, and exercises all other responsibilities as may be provided by the Charter or through an ordinance.
  • Police Advisory Council The Fairborn Police Advisory Council (FPAC) collaborates with the Fairborn Community and the Police Department to provide excellent police services in the City of Fairborn.
  • Tax Appeals Board The Board of Tax Appeals serves as a point of appeal for decisions on City Income Tax payments and may affirm, reverse, or modify any tax assessments or decisions, as appropriate, to established ordinances.
  • Tax Incentive Review Council, The Tax Incentive Review Council, annually reviews and evaluates the performance of active Enterprise Zone Agreements to determine whether or not the individual businesses have met the requirements of the agreement.

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