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The City of Fairborn is happy to announce the transition to online bidding via InfoTech’s Bid Express service.  Electronic bid submissions will be the mandated form of bidding for upcoming and future capital projects solicited by the Engineering Division.

Electronic bid submissions allow for digitally signed bids, eliminate the costs of hand and hired delivery of bid packages, provide integrated error checking and alerts to required tasks prior to submissions, easily accommodate last-minute changes, assist in direct communication and responses of bid questions as well as automated email notifications that alert vendors of solicitation posting and changes.

It is important that all vendors register and setup to bid electronically and navigate the service prior to upcoming solicitation deadlines.  For more information on the InfoTech platform, the vendor resources website is:  General navigation (registering, setting up, solicitation review) of prior to selection of a solicitation for bidding is free.  The fee schedule for actual bid submissions can be found online here:

If you need additional Bid Express assistance, please call the dedicated customer support team at 888-352-2439 for live support.  You can also email the team at  If you have any questions for the Engineering Division, please contact Manuel Jacobs at

The City of Fairborn’s Bid Express Page can be found at the following link:

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